Matthias Buchinger


Place of birth: Scheibbs

Year of birth: 2001

Career start: 2012

How did you start enduro racing?

My father is an enduro rider himself, so I was born with it.

What successes have you been able to achieve over time?

Championship Junior Enduro Cup
State Championship Podium
12th place Super-Enduro World Championship Hungary

What is your big goal?

Definitely an Erzberg finish.

How important is a clear mindset for you?

Extreme important! Even the smallest distraction while driving can have consequences. But this also requires a certain lightness and no forcing, otherwise it won’t work. But once you have FLOW, everything happens by itself.

How do you deal with defeat?

I analyze what caused it and if I can still say that I did my best today, even though it wasn’t enough, then that’s okay.

How do you push yourself to be your best?

The idea of achieving my goal and getting better and better.

What’s your favorite flavor of MIIND?

Grape mint