Marcos Nader


Place of Birth: Ibiza (SPA)

Year of birth: 1990

Career start: 1997

How did you start boxing?

I got into boxing because of my brother Daniel.

What successes have you been able to achieve over time?

As an amateur I was able to win the bronze medal twice. As a pro, I became European Middleweight Champion in 2013 and 2014. In 2018 I became IBF International Champion. Currently number 5 in the IBF world rankings in middleweight.

How important is a clear mindset for you?

Mindset plays a major role in every sport and in every situation. In martial arts, however, it plays an even more important role. Every mistake is punished really hard and can also cost you victory or more. That’s why you have to be physically (a requirement) but also mentally up to the task in order to get into the ring competitively.

How do you deal with defeat?

Defeats are part of sport, of life. It is important that you don’t lie down and fall into self-pity, but look for the causes, work on them and try to eliminate the mistakes that led to the defeat.

How do you push yourself to be your best?

The success. To be at the top and to be better than the others.

Once you lose your focus, how do you regain it?

With a good team that keeps me on the right path and makes sure not to lose the focus.

How do you deal with haters?

You have to earn envy. It’s positive when a lot of people gape at you. Haters like that just motivate me more.

What goals do you still have?

Become a European Champion and get a big World Championship fight.

What does the statement “I believe in myself” mean to you?


What 3 tips would you give to a 14 year old who wants to be the best in his sport?

1. Be sure that you are taking a path that will become very hard and rocky over the years.
2. Subordinate everything to your goal.
3. Be sure that optimal care is guaranteed.

What do you associate MIIND with?

Confidence and Strength!

What’s your favorite flavor of MIIND?

Lemon Melissa

Why do you like to drink MIIND?

Because it simply tastes great and is a drink that is for the head and mind.