MIIND is a low-calorie soft drink. With the best Austrian spring water, it gives your MIIND clarity and purity. Your mind becomes free, your thoughts structured and your own goals focused.

MIIND contains 14 mg / 100 ml caffeine.

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The mind becomes free, thoughts are structured and one’s own goals are focused. Ice cold, not only the best companion throughout the day, but also on your own life path. MIIND protects and is absolutely bulletproof. Safe from too much sugar or artificial additives. The mind that is absolutely bulletproof from negativity, insecurity, or bad thoughts.

A diamond cut like the perfect MIINDSET. Shining and radiant, he embodies the cornerstone of personal success – having a clear mind. A clear MIIND. A clear MIINDSET.

“My MIIND is absolutely bulletproof.”

Because everything begins in the mind. It all starts with MIIND.

A 250 ml can of MIIND contains 45 kcal and is absolutely bulletproof from too much sugar, taurine or artificial additives.
Enjoyment without a guilty conscience.

MIIND soft drink
Lemon balm 250 ml

An integral part of many athletes as well as goal-oriented and focused people.

MIIND soft drink
Grape-mint 250 ml

New taste, immediately refreshing!
Absolutely bulletproof from distraction and negativity.

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