Carolina Sandhofer


Place of birth: Waidhofen/Ybbs

Year of birth: 1996

Career start: 2014

How did you start triathlon?

Before I became a triathlete, I was a competitive road cyclist. After I got into the junior age group, my interest waned and I joined the RATS Amstetten swimming and triathlon club. In 2014 I completed my first triathlon

What successes have you been able to achieve over time?

After a few national championship titles and medals at Austrian championships on shorter distances, I competed in my first middle distance in 2019 (1.9 km swim – 90 km – 21 km run). After this became a complete success, I knew that this is the distance I want to develop further. 2021 was definitely my most successful year as an athlete, as I was able to become Austrian champion in the middle distance and win 4 more Austrian championship medals. I was also able to qualify for the middle-distance world championships in Utah in 2022 with a comfortable win.

How important is a clear mindset for you?

For me, the mindset, i.e. mental strength, plays an insane role. Going beyond your limits and being exactly where you need to be in the competition is definitely a requirement in triathlon. Going into spheres where the body can no longer actually do it and you continue “with your head” decides whether you will be successful in my sport in the long term or not.

How do you deal with defeat?

Defeats are part of the whole and are part of evolving. I fondly remember my worst competition, a middle distance 2020. I learned so much from that competition and in hindsight it certainly made me stronger – so I became the athlete I am today. I mostly make mistakes only once, but at some point I have to make them to know how to do it better

How do you push yourself to be your best?

I can visualize situations very well, which means that during training I get pictures of the finish line that I’m hoping for, which allows me to get the last 5% out of myself. I’m also working very hard on my mental strength and on being able to use it in competitions

Once you lose your focus, how do you regain it?

I think about my goals and the path I have to take to achieve them.

How do you deal with haters?

Hater is perhaps too strong a word, but there are certainly envious people. I have nothing against envious people, because envy has to be worked for and you don’t get it from doing nothing.

What goals do you still have?

The biggest short-term goal is certainly to become middle-distance world champion in 2022 in my age group. In the long term, I would like to prove myself over long distances.

What does the statement “I believe in myself” mean to you?

This sentence is probably the first step to success. If I don’t believe in myself, who will believe in me?

What 3 tips would you give to a 14 year old who wants to be the best in his sport?

In triathlon, this question is very difficult because there are different ways. The triathlon at the Olympics and the triathlon I do are like two different sports. I’m on my own in the race and start as a lone fighter (no slipstreaming when cycling,…), while at the Olympics, for example, you’re allowed to slipstream. This results in a completely different race. In addition, the distances differ significantly from each other. Now back to the question: If a 14-year-old also wants to do the middle distance, he should wait a few more years and build up a very good basis and take many races with suitable distances. The experience can later be worth its weight in gold.

What do you associate MIIND with?

The best soft drink that I have drunk so far – and a young innovative company that starts where many (outdated) companies can no longer get there

What’s your favorite flavor of MIIND?

Lemon Melissa

Why do you like to drink MIIND?

It refreshes me and quenches my thirst at the right moments. The caffeine also makes me feel more alert.