We consciously oppose the trend of overstimulation and provide a drink that focuses on the needs of customers: low sugar, low-calories and 100% refreshment. We are convinced of the need for a soft drink that accompanies people in a simple, natural and refreshing way throughout the day. MIIND – refreshment without a guilty conscience. MIIND – refreshment without a guilty conscience.


In the diversity of the beverage world, we couldn’t find anything that met our requirements. Whether it was too much sugar, artificial additives, or plain odd taste. This is how we created MIIND – low in calories, without artificial flavors and combined with Austrian spring water that is 100% refreshing.

Since then, the carbonated soft drink with a lemon and melissa flavor has been a part of everyday life with athletes, students and everyday working people. With the optimally coordinated combination of refreshment and flavors, the low-calorie and low sugar mix, MIIND is convincing more and more people every day.


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since 2021

Company formation and development phase

first listing at ADEG Austria

Listing by Merkur Lower Austria / Vienna

Listing at BILLA Mostviertel on the regional shelf

Inclusion in the REWE startup ticket

Listing at BILLA Greater St. Pölten on the regional shelf

Listing at BILLA Unterwegs (Shell petrol stations)

Listed at SPAR and EUROSPAR, Eastern Region

Listed at BILLA Vienna

Listing at SELECTA Austria (600 machines)


MIIND is currently in over 800 branches across Austria available.